Thursday, October 2, 2014

Our Pumpkin is PINK!


As some of you may know, my fiancé and I are expecting our first child around the end of February. Yesterday, we had our gender revealing ultrasound this morning and the technicians say, we are having a girl! My fiancé, Wyatt, and I wanted maternity pictures both in the fall as well as the winter so we decided to make the fall ones the gender revealing ones because I am only 4 months along. I hope you enjoy them!

 The pumpkin patch pictures were taken at Tigges Farm that is technically in Greeley, Colorado. It happens to only be like three miles away from our house even though we live in Windsor. Their prices are actually quite reasonable! The pumpkin that Wyatt is holding is the one we got and it only cost $5.08! What a deal. Below is a picture of our precious Helena James in her gender revealing ultrasound. Boy, I can't wait until I get to meet her!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Up on Cripple Creek

 Over this last weekend, my friend Jordann and I went up to see our friend Cynthia, that lives in Fountain, Colorado which is about a half an hour South of Colorado Springs. Since Cynthia and her husband, Cody, recently bought a house there, we came down to help her hang up pictures and help her do things that will make her house feel like a home, along with just hanging out with our friend. We left Northern Colorado on Friday night and did not get to the house until around 10:30 that night. On Saturday we went garage saling once we all finally woke up and then came home to set up some of the decorations she still had to set up. We headed down to Colorado Springs to get dinner at Steak n' Shake. Neither Jordann or myself had been there before so Cynthia enjoyed to bring us somewhere new. It was actually great! I got a jalapeño burger and a Butterfinger shake. After eating we headed to a mall and then home to watch a movie before going to bed. 
The next day we all woke up at 8:30 am, had breakfast, and then got ready to go to Cripple Creek and Victor, Colorado. Cripple Creek is a little mountain gambling town about an hour and fifteen minutes away from Cynthia's house. When we got up there, we found a parking spot that was on a super steep hill just off the main street. One of my favorite things to do in Cripple Creek is to ride the train which takes you on a tour of the old mines around the town.
 We bought our tickets and then all aboard we went! The conductor took our tickets but left us with a souvenir ticket.  
 We sat in the very back of the train on the left side because that is where most of the mines are located.


 Cynthia is on the left side, Jordann is in the middle, and I am on the right side.

 We even found a truck that looked similar to Wyatt's truck!

 Above is a picture of one of the mines falling off the side of the mountain. Below is a little chipmunk that liked getting his picture taken.

 Above is a picture of a huge hole in the mountain which is from when miners took out a huge vein of gold that was in the mountain.

 After the train, we went to the local Cripple Creek museum and took a look through the building above which is actually three stories tall! This used to be a house for prominent Cripple Creek residents. Inside, we even saw the top of a skull that was said to be Old West Justice done by the coroner after his death. The skull cap was used as a piece in a local bar for quite some time until it was placed in the museum. The museum said that someday, they will locate the body which is in an unmarked grave and return the skull cap so the soul may rest in peace. The text that is next to the picture explains all about the skull cap if you want to read more.

 After it started to rain really hard in Cripple Creek, we decided to head to Victor, Colorado which is only about ten minutes away. I had been saving up money to buy a new broom at the Victor Trading Co. They are said to have sold some of their brooms to Martha Stewart herself! I don't know about you but I believe that must mean they are great brooms! I grabbed myself a blue broomcorn broom with a wooden handle. The broom set me back $48.00 with tax included to it better be great.